This section describes how to install and launch Network Configuration Manager UI Client on Windows machine. If you want to use Java 11, for NCM UI, then follow the below instructions.

To install NCM UI Client:


NCM UI Client executable (.exe for Windows) file is present in NCM_UI folder.


  1. Double-click the NCM UI Client executable file or binary file, present in the NCM_UI folder.
    The introduction application window appears.
  2. Click Next.
    The Choose Install Folder application window appears. You are prompted to choose the Install Folder. Accept the default location, or click Choose and select another location. This is the location where NCM UI will be installed.
  3. Click Next.
    Pre-Installation Summary application window appears. Review information about the install. The Summary window displays the product information, and the required disk space.
  4. Click Install.
  5. Click Done, to complete the installation.

What to do next

Double click on NCM_Launcher.bat present under <ncm-ui Installed Location> to launch the NCM UI.