The following information details the supported events.

While certain events are fired based on a single, discrete user action, there are other events that can be fired, based on several discrete actions.

The following table is intended to provide additional insight as to the types of actions (user or otherwise) that can cause events to be fired.


All integration adapters may not support all the events listed below. Go to the JMX-Console, and check under the list of supported events to get an exact list for a particular integration adapters.

By default, events are not published for backward compatibility to the 3.6 topic, although it can be configured through the JMiniX Console as follows:

  1. Scroll down and find the mbean operation setConfigItem(), and set the parameters as follows:

    • p1 = config.server

      • p2 = com.powerup.configmgr.eventframework.transformer.event_3_6_transform

      • p3 = true

  2. Click Invoke to set this parameter. The next page will display a success message:

    Config item config.server:com.powerup.configmgr.eventframework.transformer.event_3_6_transform 
    is set to true
  3. Follow the Back to MBean Viewlink.

  4. Scroll down, and locate the mbean operation saveAll().

  5. Click Invoke to permanently save your changes.