Integration adapters react to events from the Network Configuration Manager. Part of the integration adapters framework includes listeners that can be managed from the JMiniX Console.

  1. To see the events that the integration adapters is currently listening to, select the listRegisteredEvents management function.

    It is important to understand the scenarios you are interested in configuring before making changes to the events. Although there is no harm in adding or removing events to the system, it may have unintended consequences. Not all events supported by a adapters make sense for your system.

    For example, the AuthorizationSucceededEvent is supported by a number of integration adapters. However, rarely does it make sense in a normal installation to react to that event.

    If you are administering the Email integration adapters, and select to listen for this event, the Network Configuration Manager gives you a vigorous stream of unwanted spam for a heavily trafficked system.

  2. The way to add or remove an event, is to cut it from the list of events, and paste it into the addEvent or removeEvent operation.

  3. Copy the event from the events list.

  4. Locate the addEvent or removeEvent operation, and paste it into the test box.

  5. Select Invoke after you pasted the event.

  6. Do not forget to restart the integration adapters after you have finished adding or removing events.

    That completes administering Network Configuration Manager integration adapters. Parameters specific to each integration adapters are covered in the integration adapters guide for your adapters.