Network Configuration Manager provides automation and standardization of the network configuration and change management processes.

Network Configuration Manager automates configuration management at various levels, covering devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, and business policies, such as access and security configuration.

The adapter provides the following functionality:

  • Device Synchronization – The adapter ensures that devices found in Network Configuration Manager are also found in the Smarts Manager, those found in Smarts Manager are also found in Network Configuration Manager. In addition, the adapter will reconcile devices between Smarts Manager and Network Configuration Manager internally. This provides a mapping used for notifications and contextual launches.

  • Event NotificationNetwork Configuration Manager events are sent to the notification console in Smarts Manager. Device events are linked to the corresponding Smarts Manager device, while non-device events, such as Network Create events, are linked with the Network Configuration Manager server.

  • SNMP Credential SynchronizationNetwork Configuration Manager has strong capabilities for managing device credentials, including credential rolling. The adapter detects when device passwords (SNMP community strings) have been changed in Network Configuration Manager, and propagates those changes into Smarts Manager.


    SNMPv3 and CLI credentials synchronization is not supported.

  • Contextual Launch – The events and device reconciliation (previously mentioned in Device Synchronization), provide a number of launch points from Smarts Manager into the Network Configuration Manager application.