To change an integration module’s configuration, use the JMiniX Console to access attributes in the MBean.

  1. In the navigation tree, expand servers >0 >domains >com.voyence.configmgr.integration.modules. module_name .jmx >mbeans

  2. Under mbeans, expand the name=node, and then expand attributes.

    The attributes are the configurable parameters (besides events) specific to each integration adapter.

    These may consist of any number of parameters. For example, it is common to find a hostname attribute. Generally, this is the hostname or IP address of the remote system.

  3. Change the values of one or more attributes using the table in the right pane.

  4. Click Apply Changeswhen you have all the values set properly.

  5. Start or restart the integration module as described in “Starting or restarting integration modules.”


    You must restart the integration module for the changes to take effect.

  6. Close the browser (not just the browser tab) to log out of the JMiniX Console.