The recommended order of tasks for upgrading the Network Configuration Manager is as follows:




Review the minimum system requirements mentioned in VMware Smart Assurance Network Configuration Manager Support Matrix document.

Ensure that you have met all the requirements to compete the Network Configuration Manager installation.


Upgrade the Database server if you are using a remote, stand-alone Database server.


Upgrade the current Network Configuration Manager Application server or Combination server using one of the following installation interfaces:

  • Graphical - The graphical installer can be used when an X Windows session is present on the server you select for installation.

  • Console-Based Installer - The console-based installer is appropriate for installs that take place over a command line-based connection, such as Telnet and SSH.

  • Silent Installer - The Network Configuration Manager installer allows you to supply a configuration file containing the variables necessary for an installation, also known as a silent installation.


Upgrade software on the Device server.

Installing new Device Servers in FIPS Enabled mode

Follow the procedure only when the AS or CS is upgraded setup, and you want to add new Device Servers:
  1. source /etc/voyence.conf.
  2. Go to cd $VOYENCE_HOME/tools.
  3. Execute the command perl <location of old bundle.p12 file> <certificate passphrase>.

    If the is successful, the new bundle.p12 file replaces the bundle.p12 file mentioned in step 3.

  4. The new bundle.p12 must be used while installing new Device Servers.