Use the following steps to add distributed system hosts:

  1. If you choose Standard Security mode during AS installation, copy lockb.ekey from [product directory]/data in the AS to [product directory]/data on the remote server (DS, RA, or Database).

  2. If you chose Advanced Security mode during AS installation:

  3. On the Application server, go to [Product directory]/bin directory.

  4. Source the voyence.conf file

     source /etc/voyence.conf
  5. Add distributed system hosts to the lockbox using the cstdriver utility:

    ./cstdriver -lockbox  [Product directory]/data/lockb.clb
    -passphrase <passphrase> -addHost <FQDN of Database server>
    ./cstdriver -lockbox [Product directory]/data/lockb.clb
    -passphrase <passphrase> -addHost <FQDN>
    ./cstdriver -lockbox [Product directory]/data/lockb.clb
    -passphrase <passphrase> -addHost <FQDN of Device server>
  6. Go to [Product directory]/data directory.

  7. Copy the lockbox file to any directory on each of the distributed system hosts.

  8. For example:

     scp lockb.clb Host2_DB_Server:/root/
     scp lockb.clb Host3_RA_Server:/root/
     scp lockb.clb Host3_Device_Server:/root/

    Next step, go to “Export and import certificates for EDAA and Smarts Adapter” on page 80.