Networks are created to hold devices. A network can contain a single Site, with an unlimited number of Views and Workspaces with any configuration.

Note: Sites, Views, and Workspaces are not required for your network, but are added to allow you to segment your network into manageable portions.

To create a Network,

  1. At the navigation pane, right-click the Networks folder.

  2. Select Add Network fromtheoptions .  




    The network window opens.


  3. In the Network window, enter the following:

    • Network Name

    • Domain Name (optional)

    • Description (optional)

  4. Click Ok. Now, notice the new Network is now listed under Networks in the navigation pane.

Now that the Network is created, you can complete the following tasks:

Important: Use the Refresh option to refresh the network information when you have created or added information to the network.