Keystroke shortcuts are included to allow quick access to tools and windows within Network Configuration Manager.
Important: You may want to print this information to use as a quick reference.
F1 Opens Help Contents.
F3 Opens Automation Library.
F4 Opens System Administration.
F5 Refreshes the window.
F6 Opens the Networks Navigation View.
F7 Opens Schedule Manager.
F8 Opens the Dashboard View.
F9 Opens OS Inventory.
F11 Opens the Event Manager.
Alt+E Opens Editor options on menu bar.
Alt+F Opens File options on menu bar.
Alt+H Opens Help options on the menu bar.
Alt+P Opens the Properties for Device - (device view).
Alt+T Opens the Tools options on the menu bar.
Alt+R Refreshes the Workspace.
Ctrl+A Selects All data or text - in a window pane or editor window.
Ctrl+B Opens the Bird's Eye View - in Devices View.
Ctrl+D Diagram Toggle - toggles between Diagram and Table view (in Devices View).
Ctrl+F Search - in Devices View.
Ctrl+G Opens the Configlet Editor.
Ctrl+I Opens the Interface Editor.
Ctrl+L Saves the current layout.
Ctrl+M Opens the Command Editor.
Ctrl+N Opens Create Virtual Device.
Ctrl+O Opens existing Workspace or Network.
Ctrl+P Opens the Print widow.
Ctrl+R Opens the Container Properties window.
Ctrl+S Opens the Device Search window.
Ctrl+T Displays the Table layout in devices view.
Ctrl+U Opens the Change Audit window.
Ctrl+W Closes the current open window.
Ctrl+Y Completes a redo of the last qualified undo.
Ctrl+Z Completes an undo of the last qualified action.
Ctrl+ (on number pad) Zooms in on Diagram layout in Devices view.
Ctrl- (on number pad) Zooms out on Diagram layout in Devices view.