To further enhance the information presented within Sites and Views, display filters provide a mechanism for tailoring your display of the network. You can customize the display filters to limit the device types visible in a Site or View window. In the same way, connection technologies can be filtered between visible devices.

For example, you may have a Site that contains all the devices (72) in the 3rd floor communications closet at the Corporate location. Opening this Site visually displays all 72 routers and switches in that closet. However, at this time, you are only concerned with identifying the Frame Relay routers in the closet. A filter could be quickly constructed within the Site window to only display routers and frame relay connections, greatly speeding the identification of the devices you need.

In addition to displaying filters, Views provide the ability to create dynamic membership filters. Filters are identical to display filter types, but provide a way to automatically assign devices to a View, based on their type or technology.

Each time the view is opened the device membership list is updated with all eligible devices. For example, creating a View with a membership filter is an ideal way to always have a view of every firewall device in your network, which is updated anytime a new firewall is discovered in the network.

For details regarding the Sites window, see Sites.