As Configurations cannot be saved to the repository, Workspaces serve as work in progress containers for projects. Working copies of existing Network devices and new virtual devices can be stored in a Workspace during the design phase.  

When an existing device is copied into a design Workspace, it actually represents a different object.    

Workspaces are work areas that can contain both virtual and network devices. Workspaces are not an actual view of a network, but a configuration of possible network scenarios. When actual devices are placed in a Workspace, the device's relationship to the network that is managing it, is unaffected. Relationship to the original device is maintained to reflect which configuration revision was used for the Workspace copy.

Workspaces are designed to provide flexible and convenient ways of:

  • Creating disaster scenarios

  • Designing technology upgrades

  • Managing additions to existing networks

  • Planning new network configurations

  • Alerting you when a config has been modified locally, and differs from the network config

Workspaces are directly associated with a specific network and cannot be shared with other networks. If a similar Workspace is required, the workspaces can be saved as new workspaces, and then changed to reflect the needs of the new design.

With Multi-Config, you can design devices with a copy of the operational device state that includes multiple files. You can also create virtual devices, and then add the content of each file type supported by the device.

Workspaces use the same iconic representation of devices that are seen in the Views and Sites diagrams of the network. As changes to devices are made, device indicators show the status of the device. The device status represents its relationship to the device, as currently deployed in the network.

The exception to Views and Sites is the Schedule feature (in the menu bar) available only in the Workspaces view when a device is selected from the view.

Workspace - Menu Bar options


You can go directly to the Schedule Manager to Schedule a Push Job from this window. This feature is identical to the Schedule right-click option, when viewing the Workspaces.