The following information details existing device issues that have been discovered within other releases. In most cases, a resolution is included to address the issue.

Extreme Summit (Model Summit iTx)

  • When working with the Extreme Summit device switch, the configuration text lines containing "delete" may cause connectivity loss if used in a Configuration Roll Back. Remove the "delete lines" before the Push to avoid loss of connectivity with the device during a Roll Back, or when using Restore to restore an old revision.

    Extreme Device - Configuration not changing after Push

  • Issue: For Extreme Summit Software Version 6.1.5, configuration changes (pushes) will not take on the device using the SNMP/TFTP mechanism.

  • Resolution: Ensure you use the Telnet or Telnet/TFTP mechanisms for Extreme Summit configuration pushes.

    Config Push using Telnet to Extreme Switch - Unsuccessful

  • Issue: Pushing an entire configuration to the Extreme Switch should not be executed using Telnet unless disable commands (which can potentially stop the management interface) are removed before pushing the config.

    • For example, for a configuration entry such as, disable ipforwarding vlan Default.

      • A disable command in the device configuration takes the form disable string (where string may be an interface).

      • All disable commands can easily be removed from the device configuration using a text editor.

        You can push a full configuration using the SNMP/TFTP mechanism as a work around. Additionally, you can push configlets to the device.

  • Resolution: Use configlets when making changes to the Extreme Summit with Telnet or SSH.


    SNMP/TFTP can be used for configuration pulls; however, changes cannot be the configuration using this mechanism.