Note: Erickson MiniLink has a dependency on NCM Core and works only with NCM 10.1.11 and higher versions.
To use the Erickson MiniLink driver, follow the procedure before the device discovery:
  1. Login to the Device Server.
  2. Run source /etc/voyence.conf.
  3. Navigate to $VOYENCE_HOME/package/ericsson/minilink/
  4. Copy to $VOYENCE_HOME/custompackage/ericsson/minilink.
    Note: Create the file if not present.
  5. Comment Line 1913:

    session = sshConnect (DEVADDR,22,connectTimeout,userId,passwd,1,3,0,0);

  6. Uncomment Line 1914:

    session = sshConnectML (DEVADDR,22,connectTimeout,userId,passwd,1,3,0,0);

  7. Change permission of custompackage/ericsson folder:

    chown -R ncm:voyence $VOYENCE_HOME/custompackage/ericsson

  8. Manually create a file (retain the filename as it is) under $VOYENCE_HOME/conf , with the username of the mini-link device as the file content (for example: cli).
  9. Change file permission using below command:
    chown ncm:voyence $VOYENCE_HOME/conf/
  10. Restart using command:
    systemctl restart voyence
Device Type Generic
Specific Model(s) 6692
Operating System and Firmware Versions 6366 1.17 R18L120
Communication Protocols SSH
Configuration Files Content ASCII
Configuration Change Notification (Events) Syslog, Trap
Discovery/Identify Methods SNMP, Terminal
Credential Management SNMPv1/v2/v3, Terminal, Privilege
Operating System Management Protocols Not Available
Quick Commands Test Credentials, Ping, Traceroute, Show Version, ShowSubrack, ShowClock, ShowNtpStatus, ShowLicenseStatus, Setup Diagnostic, View Diagnostic Setup, Setup NAT, View NAT Setup , Clear Cache