The following details existing device issues that have been discovered with other releases. In most cases, a resolution is included to address the issue.

Blade Networks G8000 Switch

  • When sending a config line by line using Telnet or SSH, sending an ip-mgmt interface address command causes the immediate dropping of the terminal session. Therefore ,the driver will intentionally filter out any configuration line that starts with ip-mgmt interface address when sending in line by line mode.

  • The Blade Networks G8000 Switch only supports a total of ten user accounts. When rolling usernames and passwords, if the new user does not already exist, the driver will attempt to re-use the old user account if it exists. If the old user account does not exist, the driver will look for one available user account out of the possible ten. If there are no available user accounts, no changes will be made and the job will fail.

  • The Blade Networks G8000 Switch has console logging enabled by default and will send console messages during the login procedure, which is not a best practice. It is advisable to permanently turn off console logging on any Blade Networks G8000 Switches that will be managed by this application. During testing of this driver, the driver always managed to login despite these messages, but the messages slow down the login procedure dramatically. For best performance, turn off console logging permanently using the following commands:

    configure terminal

    no logging console


    save running-config startup-config