The following information details existing device issues that have been discovered within other releases. In most cases, a resolution is included to address the issue.

Cisco BPX - Restore Causes Device Reset and Loss of Service

  • Issue: Restoring the device may cause a device reset and loss of service.

  • Resolution: This feature has not been implemented and should not be done until tested against a non-production system. The device server contains the necessary files to manually restore the device.

    Cisco BPX - SNMP MIB-II shows only two interfaces

  • Issue: BPX SNMP MIB-II shows only two interfaces.

  • Resolution: The device SNMP agent only reports two interfaces. This is a limitation of the network device.

    Cisco BPX - No SSH support

  • Issue: No SSH support for Cisco BPX.

  • Resolution: The Cisco BPX does not support SSH.

    Cisco BPX - Screen Painting and Re-drawing Issues occur when using Cut-Through

  • Issue: The BPX in a split screen VT100 interface. Screen painting and redrawing issues may occur when using Cut-Through.

  • Resolution: The clrscrn command can be used to re-draw and refresh any screen issues. In addition, terminal commands will show multiple snapshots of the screen progression. This information is shown with dividers to aid in distinguishing the screen updates and associated commands.