The following details existing device issues that have been discovered with other releases. In most cases, a resolution is included to address the issue.

Riverbed Steelhead

  • There is no support for sysServices (standard MIB scalar). The sysServices variable must be edited in stdlib/ and be made a standard snmp type instead of a snmpcached type.

  • The sysObjectID represents a vendor, not the model identification.

  • Configuration management using file transfer is not currently supported, since the results are a binary database.

  • There is no known support for configuration changes using SNMP traps or syslog facility.

  • There is no SNMP support for hardware inventory, for example ENTITY-MIB. Information is taken from the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB, which does not support parent/child relationships.

  • The device family does not currently support creation or management of individual accounts.