Note: Change the permissions of the key cert and the CA cert to ncm:voyence, using command:
chown ncm:voyence <Key_Cert_filename> <CA_Cert_filename>

Use the following steps to install the private key and certificate on Network Configuration Manager.




Log into the server as a user with administrator privileges.


  • Type the following command to change directories to [Product Directory]\tools\ssl, and then press Enter: cd [Product Directory]\tools\ssl

  • Where [Product Directory] is the path to the directory you installed Network Configuration Manager to initially.


Type the following command and press Enter: perl –install <private key file> <certificate file>

For example: perl –install server.key certnew.cer


The installer prompts you to confirm that you want to install the private key and certificate.

Type Y, and press Enter.


Partially through the certificate install, you are prompted to enter a password to protect the private key and Java keystore. This password must be at least six characters.

Enter a password, and press Enter.

Once the utility completes, the ncm-as and Apache services are restarted, and a message displays indicating the SSL configuration is complete.


Place the Certificate Authority (CA) root certificate on each Device server.


Download the CA root certificate in base64 format, and save the file as ca-root-cert.crt.

The root certificate is available from the Certificate Authority’s website.


Copy this file to each Device server, and place it into the [Product Directory]\conf\CA\ directory.


Run the perl [Product Directory]\conf\CA\ utility on each Device server.