From the menu bar, access Tools -> Automation Library .


At the top level, the Library Manager contains:

  • A System folder, which is accessible only to users with System Administration privilege

The system folder is read-write by a user (or System Admin) with System-level Manage Compliance, and read-only privileges, as well as access to all other users.  

  • A Samples folder, which is accessible to all users but whose (recursive) content is read-only

  • A folder for each network defined in the system, where the user has (at a minimum) View Access , such as Network1, where that name corresponds to the name of a network. This folder is writable if the user has Manage Compliance privileges, otherwise this folder is read-only.

Within these folders, which are create by the application and cannot not be deleted or modified, other folders can be created, allowing a complex path hierarchy to be developed. Each folder can hold any type of automation library object .


The Samples section contains:

  • Compliance, including: 

  • RegEx Compliance Tests – is a compliance test, constructed using regular expression matching and substitutions, applied to a textual configuration file or diagnostic output 

  • Attributed Compliance Tests – is a compliance test, based on a Query of the Attributed Model, and a set of rules to determine if the result set is compliant 

  • Queries – Attributed Model queries are templates that define database searches of the Data Model objects

  • Saved Commands – is a body of text (containing variables), which can be pushed to the device as a set of commands 

  • Templates – is a body of text (containing variables), which can be pushed to the device to make a configuration change 

Automation Library - Tool bar





Edit - opens the editor for the item you have selected


Copy - copies the item you have selected, and allows you to designate the copy to destination


Move - moves the item you have selected, and allows you to designate the move to destination


Delete - allows you to delete a selected item


Refresh - refreshed your current view after any changes  


Export -  allows you to export an item from your system or network


Import - allows you to import an item you have previously exported into your system or network


Search - opens a Search window for you to enter information for your search criteria


Automation Library Properties View - opens another window to detail the item name and the path