All the Java Samples listed in this section use the Web Services interface. Get the J2EE Samples from NCM Server [ProductDirectory]/ncmcore/webapps/ncm-webapp/samples

There are many samples in the location specified above. These samples are the most effective way to get started with programming against the API. Even though you may be programming against the J2EE interface, the Web Services examples may also help to illustrate usage scenarios, or vice versa. The samples in the different directories are not the same, so do not hesitate to look in more than one place for example usage.

The recommended access to the API is through Web Services, using object-oriented clients that have tool support for WSDL. For example, good choices would be Java using Apache axis orOR c#.

Perl users will have to construct the SOAP calls directly. The Perl examples have been left in this document because there is no online sample Perl code at this time, however, the J2EE, Web Services, and PHP examples are now online.

Perl is not the recommended choice for complex integrations, because the SOAP calls must be constructed manually, and the data structures make this a difficult task. Use higher-level languages for complex integrations.