The Server Manager builds a topology of the managed KVM hypervisor entities. The topology objects represent the managed KVM hypervisor elements in the network, their relationships, and their connections. Topology objects include:

  • CloudController — Represents the host where OpenStack resides. It is an endpoint for all OpenStack API queries.
  • Tenant — Represents a logical entity. It is a project or a user of the cloud computing service, who shares resources and the cost of underlying hardware resources like compute, storage and network with other users.
  • LogicalVolume LogicalVolume — Represents the virtual storage units or devices that are being discovered via OpenStack.
  • VirtualInterface — Represents a virtual NIC/VirtualInterface of a virtual machine or a virtual router.
  • vRouter — Represents a virtual router in OpenStack environment which connects tenant networks and provider networks.
  • OpenvSwitch — Represents a virtual multilayer network switch in OpenStack environment one per hypervisor.

    In addition, for the KVM hypervisor, the Server Manager uses topology objects like the Hypervisor class and the VirtualMachine class that the VMware Management feature discovers.