This chapter briefly describes how to view Server Manager data in the Global Console. If you are using the EMC M&R UI to view Server Manager data, consult the online help for using the EMC M&R UI and the Service Assurance Suite SolutionPack Articles.

The Server Manager sends a streamlined copy of its topology to the Global Console. The Global Manager combines this topology with the underlying transport network topology received from the IP Availability Manager.

The Global Console presents the topology information in formats that show the status of the network elements and their relationships. One of those formats is the topology map, which is a graphical representation of the topology.

You can use the Global Console to view updated Server Manager data in the following forms:

  • Notification Log — Notifications represent the events received from the Server Manager and the IP Availability Manager. Each notification consists of a set of attributes that describe properties of the notification, such as the severity of the notification and a textual description of the event. The Notification Log is available for all Server Manager features. Additional detail is available in the Notification Properties view.

  • Topology Browser — Presents topological information in a topological tree format. Available for VMware, cluster, and application process elements.

  • Containment view — Displays information about an element’s containment in tabular format. It provides information and components for a selected element. Available for all Server Manager features.

  • Maps — Presents topological information in map representations. Available for VMware and cluster elements.

    This chapter provides examples of each of these views, as seen using the Server Manager VMware discovery and monitoring feature.

    In addition, you can use the Domain Manager Administration Console to manage domains. The Polling and Thresholds Console is available through the administration console, which allows you to configure polling values and thresholds for discovery and monitoring.

    To view notifications, maps, and containment information, attach the Global Console to the Global Manager. The VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Operator Guide provides instructions.