VMwareESX cluster allows you to configure the following features:

  • High Availability — VMware High Availability (HA) provides high availability to any application running in a virtual machine, thereby decreasing downtime and reducing risk.

  • Automated performance load balancing — VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) aggregates computing capacity across a collection of servers into logical resource pools and allocates available resources among the virtual machines. This is based on pre-defined rules as per business needs and changing priorities.

  • Automated power conservation — VMware Distributed Power Management (DPM), included with VMware DRS, automates power management and minimizes power consumption across the collection of servers in a VMware DRS cluster.


    These features are dependent on automated VMware vMotion technology for its operation.

    Discovery and monitoring of VMwareESX clusters includes the ability to:

  • Discover and create topology for VMwareESX clusters and its relationship to Virtual Datacenter and ESX servers.

  • Generate alerts whenever the automated vMotion is due to HA.

  • Generate alerts whenever the automated vMotion is due to DRS.