If necessary, configure the managed hosts to support DCOM operations. This is the default setting in most Windows servers. However, a default settings on a server may have been changed.

To enable DCOM for a host running Windows 2003:

  1. Log in to the host as an administrative user (either a local administrator or a domain administrator).

  2. At the Windows Start command, select Run, and type DCOMCNFG to open a Component Services window.

  3. Select Component Services > Computers > My Computer.

  4. Right-click My Computer, select Properties, and select COM Security.

  5. Under Launch and Activation Permissions, select Edit Limits.

  6. Select the domain user name from the lists and click Add. If the user name is not is the list, click Add and select from the expanded options, or type the user name.

  7. Select the domain user name you just added and select the Remote Launch and Remote Activation checkboxes. Clear any other checkboxes.

  8. Click Apply and OK to save your changes and close the window.