If you installed the Server Manager on a Linux machine, you must designate a Windows server as a WMI proxy. To accomplish this, run an additional instance of the Server Manager on a separate Windows server.


This separate instance of the Server Manager must not have either the IP Availability Manager or the Service Assurance Manager specified in the ESM.conf configuration file.

To configure the WMI proxy:

  1. At the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory, type the following command:

    sm_edit conf/esm/ESM.import
  2. Locate the following lines:

    # Enable remote WMI proxy. 
    #Used when ESM is installed on non-Windows.
    UseRemote = TRUE
  3. Set UseRemote to TRUE.

  4. Locate the following lines:

    # Specify remote WMI proxy server name.
    RemoteProxy = "remproxy”
  5. Set RemoteProxy to the name of the proxy ESM domain that is registered with the Broker.

  6. Save and close the file.

    Restart the ESM Domain Manager to load the changed values in ESM.import file into the ESM server.