This tool is available only for IP Manager.

The Configuration Scanner tool scans for configuration changes in your current installation. It scans for customizations with regard to the following:

  • Polling and threshold settings: The tool presents the non-default values and settings. That is, the tool generates a list of polling settings and threshold parameters that have changed from their default values, along with details of all the groups they are associated with. The output also includes tagging settings. In case of CLI settings, the tool collects and displays the username and the associated matching criteria.

  • Configuration files: The tool generates a list of files that have changed from the default installation. The tool scans the files in the SM_SITEMOD and base installation and does a two-way difference analysis to figure out what files have changed, and displays the list of files, flagged appropriately as modified or added. For discovery.conf, name-resolver.conf and tpmgr-param.conf files, the tool parses through the content and presents the difference at an attribute->value pair level.


    The clientConnect.conf, serverConnect.conf, brokerConnect.conf, .imk.dat files and the l10n classes and Perl directories are excluded from the scan.

    The tool ignores service pack and patch files that are not modified by you.