The method of extracting the configuration settings from an RPS file into the deployment package varies between SAM and IP Managers.

For SAM, use the deployment utility to extract the configuration settings from the RPS file.

Go to the <BASEDIR>/smarts/bin folder of your target installation, and type the following command:

./sm_perl --install=<BASEDIR>/smarts --create=<archive-name.tar> --broker=<host:port> --server=<SAM_server>

This can be a convenient way to deploy the configurations of aggregate SAM domain since they often share the same configuration.

For IP, use the script of the IP-Configuration Manager tool to export the Polling and Threshold groups from an existing domain and import them into the IP-Configuration Manager to be deployed further on other domains.

For more information on loading settings into IP-Configuration Manager, refer to the VMware Smart Assurance Smarts IP Manager User Guide.

For Network Protocol Manager, MPLS Manager, and Server Manager, the configuration settings from an RPS file must be manually configured in all other installations of these products.