You can define separate and files on hosts where multiple servers or clients are running. The environment variables that allows you to specify distinct configuration files are and .

By defining separate files on hosts, you can configure a system where certain users and/or servers use one file, and other users and/or servers reference a different file. Some installations can share the same BASEDIR/smarts, but have requirements that stipulate the servers and/or clients operate differently.

The following steps set the value of the SM_SERVERCONNECT environment variable to point to the server_Connect_IP.conf file.


Specify the absolute path to the alternate security file for each variable. Because you specify the filename, you can have multiple files in the same directory. For server programs, specify an alternate serverConnect.conf file, by setting the SM_SERVERCONNECT variable in the command line that starts the server.


  1. Use the sm_service show action with the --cmdline option to display the existing command line for the program.
    Note: You must have administrative privileges when typing the following command.
    BASEDIR/smarts/bin/sm_service show --cmdline ic-am-server

    BASEDIR/smarts/bin/sm_service install --name=ic-am-server --description=“EMC Smarts IP Availability Manager” --startmode=runonce BASEDIR/smarts/bin/sm_server --name=INCHARGE-AM --config=icf --bootstrap=bootstrap-am.conf --port=0 --subscribe=default --ignore-restore-errors --output

  2. Use the sm_service install action with the --force option to add the environment variable to the command line.
    Note: The --env option specifies the environment variable
    BASEDIR/smarts/bin/sm_service install --force --name=ic-am-server --description=“EMC Smarts IP Availability Manager” --startmode=runonce -- env=SM_SERVERCONNECT=BASEDIR/smarts/conf/serverConnect_IP.conf BASEDIR/smarts/bin/sm_server --name=INCHARGE-AM --config=icf --bootstrap=bootstrap-am.conf --port=0 --subscribe=default --ignore- restore-errors --output
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Start the program.
    • Stop and restart the program.
    Note: For client programs, you can specify an alternate clientConnect.conf file by setting the SM_CLIENTCONNECT variable in the file.