Restore modules to their previous version.

Restore the modules in the order in which they displayed, starting from first to last. To avoid dependency issues, restore the main components or managers before their sub-components. For example, restore the Event Processing Manager before its sub-component, Event Property Tagger. Refer to the Module Manager documentation for more complete information about module rollback. This document is in the documentation directory of the installation path (for example, /opt/APG/Doc).


  • Identify all modules that can be restored by using the list restorable command.
  • Make sure you have a login with root or system administrator privileges to restore modules.


  1. Type the command for your operating system from the M&R platform installation directory:
    Operating system Command
    <INSTALL_DIR>/bin/ restore <module_identifier> [<module_instance>]
  2. Answer any questions.
    This Linux sample output shows that the administration-tool module has been restored to its previous version.
    opt/APG/ restore administration-tool
    Starting restoration of administration-tool Default v1.0u2...
     * Gathering information...
     * Issuing a rollback will overwrite all existing files - except the data ones - and replace them with their previous versions, including configuration files.
     * The module 'Administration-Tool' will now be restored in '/opt/APG/Tools/Administration-Tool/Default'.
     ! WARNING: The targeted directory already exists. This will overwrite existing files in this directory.
     ? Continue? [y]es, [n]o > y
     * Restoring files...
    Restoration complete.