Use the command to list all modules that can be restored.


Make sure you have a login with root or system administrator privileges to restore modules.


  • Type the command for your operating system from the M&R platform installation directory:
    Operating system Command
     <INSTALL_DIR>/bin/ list restorable [--match="<module>"]
    To determine if the module has more than one version to restore, specify the --match option. For example:
    /opt/APG/bin/ list restorable --match="frontend"
    When you view the output, record the order in which the modules display. You will need to use the order later when you restore the modules.
    This partial Linux sample output indicates modules that can be restored.
    Available Restore Points:  
       Identifier                Instance               Version  Date
       ------------------------- ---------------------- -------- ------------------
    * event-processing-manager  Alert-Consolidation    1.8u2    4/23/18 3:48:48 PM
    * stream-collector          Generic-RSC            1.4u2    4/23/18 3:54:43 PM
    * topology-mapping-service  Default                1.5u2    4/23/18 3:55:19 PM
    * flow-listener             generic-traffic-flow   1.15u1   4/23/18 3:50:23 PM
    * property-tagging-filter   emc-smarts             2.11u2   4/23/18 3:53:53 PM
    * property-tagging-filter   Generic-RSC            2.11u2   4/23/18 3:53:15 PM
    * variable-handling-filter  Load-Balancer          1.18u2   4/23/18 3:56:20 PM
    * variable-handling-filter  Generic-RSC            1.18u2   4/23/18 3:56:05 PM
    * property-tagging-filter   Load-Balancer          2.11u2   4/23/18 3:53:34 PM
    * frontend                  APG                    6.8u2    4/23/18 3:50:33 PM