Report metrics are used to create various reports within the . Metrics gather information on values such as switch name, product ID, RTCP Monitoring IPV4 address, Trunk Group number, and many more listed in this table.

Table 1. Report metrics
Group Metrics Details of the Metric Mode of Collection in APG
IP Phones
extension Extension Text-Collector
set_type Model /Type Text-Collector
product_id Product ID Text-Collector
station_ip IP Address Text-Collector
product_release Software Release Version of the Phone Text-Collector
gatekeeper_ip Gatekeeper's IP Address Text-Collector
ACM Processor Occupancy Summary
meas_hour Measurement Hour (0000, 0100, 0200,0300…2300) Text-Collector
switch_name Switch Name Text-Collector
date Date of the collected information Text-Collector
static_occ Static Occurrence Text-Collector
cm_occ CM Occurrence Text-Collector
sm_occ SM Occurrence Text-Collector
idle_occ Idle Occurrence Text-Collector
total_calls Total no of calls Text-Collector
tandem_calls Total no of tandem calls Text-Collector
total_conn Total Connections Text-Collector
intcom_atmpts Internal Communication attempts Text-Collector
inc_atmpts Incoming attempts Text-Collector
out_atmpts Outgoing attempts Text-Collector
pnet_atmpts Port Networking attempts Text-Collector
Network Region Information
Region Network Region number Text-Collector
Name Name of the NR Text-Collector
ipv4PortNum IPV4 Port Number Text-Collector
rtcpMonIPv4 RTCP Monitoring IPV4 address Text-Collector
rptPeriod Report Period Text-Collector
udpMinPort UDP port allocated Minimum Text-Collector
udpMaxPort UDP port allocated Maximum Text-Collector
codecStatus CODEC Status Text-Collector
Port Network Data
portnetwork Port Network Number Text-Collector
major No of Major alarms Text-Collector
minor No of Minor alarms Text-Collector
Warning No of Warning alarms Text-Collector
CarrierlocA Carrier Location A Text-Collector
CarrierlocB Carrier Location B Text-Collector
pnctrlActive Port Network Controller Active Text-Collector
pncontrolStdby Port Network Controller Standby Status Text-Collector
Trunk Group Status and Monitoring
TrunkGroupNo Trunk Group Number Text-Collector
Size Size of the TG Text-Collector
Active Status of the TG Text-Collector
QueueSize Queue Size Text-Collector
Waiting No of waiting calls in that TG Text-Collector
tac Trunk Access Code Text-Collector
tgtype TG Type Text-Collector
group_name TG Name Text-Collector
mem_numbers Number of members in that TG Text-Collector
cor COR (Class of Restriction) Text-Collector
cdr CDR (Call Data Record) Text-Collector
Date Date of the call monitored Text-Collector
Time Time of the call monitored Text-Collector
To Extension To Text-Collector
From Extension From Text-Collector
Duration Duration of the call Text-Collector
number Media Gateway Number Text-Collector
gwname Gateway Name Text-Collector
gwserial GW Serial Number Text-Collector
gwtype GW Type Text-Collector
gwip GW IP address Text-Collector
gwnrnet_region Network Region to which the Gateway belongs Text-Collector
gwregd GW Registration Status Text-Collector
firmware_ver Firmware Version of the GW Text-Collector
hardware_vintage Hardware Vintage Version Text-Collector
clan_ipaddress CLAN IP Address Text-Collector
station-ip IP Address Text-Collector
packet-type Packet Type (SR, RR, SDES etc.) Text-Collector
ssrc SSRC - Source of the call Text-Collector
lastseq Last Sequence Number Text-Collector
lsr Last SR Received Text-Collector
dlsr Delay value from the Last SR received Text-Collector
time Time of the monitoring data Text-Collector
jitter Jitter Text-Collector
frlost Fraction Lost Text-Collector
packlost Packet Lost Text-Collector
MoS Computed based on Latency, PacketLost,Jitter Formula
R-Factor Computed based on Latency, PacketLost,Jitter Formula
sysUpTime Uptime SNMP-Collector
g3connectState Availability SNMP-Collector
g3connectTimeUp Uptime SNMP-Collector
g3connectAttempts Attempts SNMP-Collector
g3connectSuccess Success SNMP-Collector
g3connectRequests DataRequests SNMP-Collector
g3connectResponses DataResponses SNMP-Collector
g3connectErrors DataErrors SNMP-Collector
g3connectQueued DataQueued SNMP-Collector
g3healthMajor AlarmsMajor SNMP-Collector
g3healthMinor AlarmsMinor SNMP-Collector
g3healthWarning AlarmsWarning SNMP-Collector
g3healthTrkBusy TrunksBusy SNMP-Collector
g3healthStnBusy StationsBusy SNMP-Collector
g3healthOthBusy OthersBusy SNMP-Collector
g3healthLogins ActiveLogins SNMP-Collector
g3healthStaticOcc CurrentUtilization SNMP-Collector
g3healthCallpOcc CurrentUtilization SNMP-Collector
g3healthSysMgmtOcc CurrentUtilization SNMP-Collector
g3healthIdleOcc CpuIdle SNMP-Collector
g3pnchealthPncAMajor AlarmsMajor Port Network Controller A SNMP-Collector
g3pnchealthPncAMinor AlarmsMinor Port Network Controller A SNMP-Collector
g3pnchealthPncAWarning AlarmsWarning Port Network Controller A SNMP-Collector
g3pnchealthPncBMajor AlarmsMajor Port Network Controller B SNMP-Collector
g3pnchealthPncBMinor AlarmsMinor Port Network Controller B SNMP-Collector
g3pnchealthPncBWarning AlarmsWarning Port Network Controller B SNMP-Collector
g3stamediaAlarmMajor AlarmsMajor SNMP-Collector
g3stamediaAlarmMinor AlarmsMinor SNMP-Collector
g3stamediaAlarmWarning AlarmsWarning SNMP-Collector
g3stamediaBusyOutTrunks TrunksBusy SNMP-Collector
g3stamediaBusyOutStations StationsBusy SNMP-Collector
g3stamediaH248LinksDown H248LinksDown SNMP-Collector
g3stamediaH248LinksUp H248LinksUp SNMP-Collector
g3stamediaNbrLogins ActiveLogins SNMP-Collector
g3callratedataNumCalls CallCompleted SNMP-Collector
g3callratedataBsyCalCmpl BusyCallCompleted SNMP-Collector
g3callratevoiceNumCalls CallCompleted SNMP-Collector
g3callratevoiceBsyCalCmpl BusyCallCompleted SNMP-Collector
g3callratesrvNumCalls CallCompleted SNMP-Collector
g3callratesrvBsyCalCmpl BusyCallCompleted SNMP-Collector
g3callratemediaNumCalls CallCompleted SNMP-Collector
g3callratemediaBsyCalCmpl BusyCallCompleted SNMP-Collector
g3callratetotalNumCalls CallCompleted SNMP-Collector
g3callratetotalBsyCalCmpl BusyCallCompleted SNMP-Collector