The Test feature located in the Discovery Center under the Centralized Management UI is not supported for the SolutionPack for Microsoft Hyper-V. Instead, use the test method presented in this topic.

The SolutionPack for Microsoft Hyper-V provides a script that can be used to check if is possible to query all required WMI objects using the provided user. The script is in the folder <APG_FOLDER>/Collecting/XML-Collector/<SolutionPack_instance_name>/conf/. You must execute the script from the Collect SolutionPack Block machine. Use the following syntax to run the script:

TestWMI.ps1 -Computer <ip-or-hostname> 
          -Username <domain-or-machine\username>
          -Password <password> [-NoPing]
Remote Hyper-V host IP address or hostname
Username used to perform remote WMI queries, in the format DOMAIN\username for domain users or MACHINE\username for local users
Password of the user specified with the -Username parameter
(optional) If the remote Hyper-V host is blocking ping requests, you must use this parameter to skip connectivity tests