Enabling trunk groups is not required for configuring the SolutionPack, however if you do not configure them you will not get trunk group-related traffic statistics.

For each trunk group where CDR records are required, verify that CDR reporting is enabled.


  1. Execute the command: change trunk-group <n> (where <n> is the trunk group number.
    change trunk-group 1                                           Page 1 of 21
                                    TRUNK GROUP
    Group Number: 1                 Group Type: isdn            CDR Reports: y
      Group Name: Bondi H.323              COR: 1     TN: 1           TAC: 501
       Direction: two-way     Outgoing Display? y       Carrier Medium: H.323
     Dial Access? n             Busy Threshold: 255     Night Service:
    Queue Length: 0
    Service Type: tie                Auth Code? n       TestCall ITC: rest
                         Far End Test Line No:
    TestCall BCC: 4
  2. Make sure that the CDR Reports field is set to y.
  3. Repeat for all trunk groups to be reported.