After you set up the user profiles and assign them to roles in M&R, the administrator must associate those profiles and roles with users who need to access both Service Assurance Manager (SAM) Consoles and the M&R User Interface.

Administrator profile behavior

The M&R administrator role is mapped to the Smarts Admin profile when the SolutionPack for Smarts is installed.
Note: If you try to assign a SAM profile to the M&R Admin user, that SAM profile will be overwritten with the M&R profile.

User profile behavior

The administrator can assign a SAM profile to an M&R non-administrator user from Administration > Modules & Restrictions Access > Smarts.
  • Ensure you assign an existing SAM Profile to the user, (for example, oper-profile, default-profile, and so forth).
  • You can assign more than one Role with a SAM Profile to a user.