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Compatible M&R versions


Supported Microsoft SQL versions

SQL Server 2008R2

SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2014


1433 (This is the default port on which the MS-SQL instance is running on the MS-SQL Server. It is configurable.)

Data collection method

SQL collector

SQL commands

This SolutionPack uses these commands:

    • This creates temporary tables used when gathering the capacity-related information of databases. The temporary tables are created in the tempdb table. These tables are later dropped.
  • EXEC
    • Executes a stored procedure that lists disks and their available free space.
  • DROP
    • Removes temporary tables created earlier in the tempdb table.

Main reports

  • Instance Sizes
  • SQL Server Instances Overview
    • This includes reports for database sizes, database overview, and performance KPIs such as configuration parameters, IO, access methods, buffer manager, general statistics, and memory manager.
  • Inventory of servers, instances, databases, and data/log files
  • Situations to Watch
    • This includes index fragmentation, data/log files out of space, inactive devices and components, and actual and forecasted SLA values.
  • SQL Server to SAN Inventory
    • Lists capacity reports per SQL Server instance
Table 1. End-to-end capacity use cases
Supported Not supported
MS-SQL Server > FS > LUN MS-SQL Server > VMDK
MS-SQL Server > RDM MS-SQL > FS using VPLEX

Support for Host Details report

  • Host Details report supports virtual machines.
  • Host Details report does not support physical hosts.