Follow these steps when the Central Authentication Service is enabled and the UI is unable to display information about alerts and objects in the Smarts topology.


  1. Verify the status of the Alerts EDAA, as described in Checking Alerts EDAA.
  2. Verify the status of the Smarts EDAA, as described in Checking Smarts EDAA.
  3. If Tomcat is running but queries to the EDAA result in the browser hanging, type this command on the SAM server:
    cd /opt/InCharge/SAM/smarts/bin
  4. In the output:
    1. If SM_CAS_SERVER exists, verify this entry includes the protocol, fully-qualified domain name of the M&R host, and the port number. Make sure there is nothing after the port number (not even a "/").
    2. If the https protocol is used, make sure the port is correct for https.
    3. Verify SM_TOMCAT_SERVER has an URL for Tomcat that is part of the SAM installation.
    4. Make sure localhost and are NOT in SM_CAS_SERVER or SM_TOMCAT_SERVER entries. These environment variables must contain URLs that reach services from outside the host machine.