VMware Smart Assurance combines some of the best features of Service Assurance Manager and M&R to provide a common interface for viewing Notifications and reports on historical events. You must install and configure Service Assurance Manager (SAM), M&R, and the SolutionPack for Smarts before you can view notifications or reports from the M&R Report Library.

When M&R platform and the SolutionPack for Smarts are deployed with Service Assurance Manager, these features may be accessed from the M&R interface:
  • Notifications
  • Reports showing geographical representation of Smarts network devices, physical inventory of device groups, and a physical inventory of the IP network
  • IP Configuration Manager settings such as polling and thresholds
  • Discovery and topology settings for underlying domain managers

In addition, the Smarts Failover System now supports failover of the services used to communicate between Service Assurance Manager and M&R platform. The Smarts Failover System User Guide provides more information.

When upgrading to a newer version of the SolutionPack for Smarts, ensure you upgrade and configure the Presentation Service Assurance Manager before upgrading the M&R core software. Services must be installed and running before you install or upgrade the SolutionPack for Smarts.