Alert-ingestion is a component running in Tomcat that pulls notifications from RabbitMQ and inserts them in to the Notification cache. The RabbitMQ login for this service is with the default password of . To change this password, you must update both RabbitMQ and the alerts-ingestion configuration with a new matching password.


  1. Log in to the RabbitMQ web-based management interface as admin.
  2. Click the Admin tab and select ingestion from the list of RabbitMQ login users.
  3. Click Update this user.
  4. Enter the new password in both password fields.
  5. Click Update User.
  6. To change the password in alerts-ingestion:
    1. Stop the Smarts Tomcat service by typing sm_service stop smarts-tomcat.
    2. Using a text editor, open the file smarts/tomcat/webapps/alerts-ingestion/WEB-INF/classes/rabbitmq-config.xml.
    3. Find the password line that looks like this:
      <property name="password" value="changeme" />
    4. Replace changeme with the new password.
      In this example, the password was changed to california:
      <property name="password" value="california" />
    5. Restart the Smarts Tomcat service by typing sm_service start smarts-tomcat.
  7. In the RabbitMQ interface, click the Connections tab and verify alerts-ingestion is connected. It may take a few minutes for Tomcat to start and for alerts-ingestion to connect.