You can evaluate features in the Center using 30-day temporary licenses included with M&R software. If you install or plan to use the for longer than 30 days, contact Online Support for permanent license files.

If you have an existing permanent license or a temporary license that requires updating, use the license upload feature in M&R Centralized Management. Both permanent and temporary licenses are distributed in .zip files.

  • Permanent licenses do not have expiration dates and may be associated with a host ID.
  • Temporary licenses have expiration dates and are not associated with a host ID. When temporary licenses expire, the module license checks fail and the modules stop working. For example, the collector modules stop collecting new information and, if the front-end module fails, you cannot access the User Interface.

The SolutionPack license name is either SolutionPack for Avaya or ReportPack for Avaya. The system will use either license.