If your system cannot access Smarts EDAA, follow these steps.


  1. Verify the SAM server is not using a broker from a pre-9.4 Smarts installation.
  2. Verify the SAM broker is configured for Smarts EDAA access: <SAM_base_directory>/SAM/smarts/bin> dmctl -s localhost:426/dmbroker getI EDAAService
    The expected result is: SMARTS-EDAA
  3. If you made configuration changes to the broker or SAM using the runcmd_env.sh file, do the following in this order:
    1. Shutdown SAM.
    2. Shutdown Tomcat.
    3. Shutdown the broker.
    4. Restart the broker.
    5. Restart Tomcat.
    6. Restart SAM.