After an upgrade, you must add a new SNMP collector (CiscoCUCMCollector) in order to collect the CUCM data.


  1. Navigate to Centralized Management > SolutionPack Center.
  2. Click Collectors > New Collector.
  3. Add CiscoCUCMCollector.
    Do not use the Generic SNMP collector.
  4. Navigate to https://<MnR_Host>:58443/device-discovery/#/collectors.
  5. Click the new Collector and enter the CUCM port as 52006.
  6. Save the collector by selecting the other options.
  7. Continue with device discovery using either the SNMP discovery or the Import devices from Smarts procedures. Configuring SNMP device discovery or Import devices from Smarts.
  8. In the SNMP device discovery section, for all Call Managers and Gateways, change the collector from Watch4NetSnmpCollector-1 to CiscoCUCMCollector.
  9. After changing the collector to CiscoCUCMCollector, trigger Device Capability Discovery and Device Distribution.
    Note: If there are any issues with SNMP collection, restart Collector-Manager::cisco-voip-cucm and repeat step 9.