After installing the , start the CDR and RTCP listeners.


  1. For Linux, go to <APG_HOME>/Collecting/Text-Collector/avaya-voip-acm/conf/scripts.
    • ./ start – This option starts both RTCP and CDR listener
    • ./ status - This option shows the status of the listeners in the system.
    • ./ stop - This option stops the listeners.
    • ./ install – This option runs the listeners as a start option mentioned above addition to install the listeners into System startup so that it starts automatically when the system gets restarted / rebooted.
    Note: As you run the above script with parameter start and install, two additional script files are generated. They are and These are actual files to start the listeners created by this script.
  2. For Windows, go to <APG_HOME>/Collecting/Text-Collector/avaya-voip-acm/conf/scripts, and run avayaListeners.bat to start the listeners using the command: Cmd> avayaListeners.bat
    Note: As you run the batch file, two additional batch files are generated. They are runAvayaCDRListener.bat and runAvayaRTCPListener.bat. Use these files to start the listeners created by this batch file.
    To start the listeners automatically on the system restart, add these scripts separately as two tasks in Task Scheduler. This step is carried out after running the avayaListeners.bat. The procedure follows:
    1. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Task Scheduler
    2. Select Action > Create Task
    3. Add the name of the task to be created under General Tab.
    4. Select Run whether or not the user is logged on.
    5. Select Run with highest privileges.
    6. Go to the Triggers tab.
    7. Add New Trigger.
    8. Select Begin the Task as At Startup.
    9. In Advanced settings, select Enabled.
    10. Go to the Actions tab.
    11. Select New action.
    12. Select Action as Start a Program.
    13. In Settings section below in the same tab, select Program Script– select the runAvayaRTCPListener.bat from conf/scripts folder.
    14. Go to last tab Settings and deselect Stop the task if it runs longer than option.
    15. Click OK.
    Repeat these steps to create a task with different name for the runAvayaCDRListener.bat script. With Step M, you need to select the runAvayaCDRListener.bat file.