Before installing the SolutionPack for Cisco IP-SLA, perform these prerequisite tasks:

  1. M&R's Backend and Frontend must be installed.
  2. Cisco Routers are supported by this SolutionPack. IOS version 11.2 and later are supported. IOS 12.0(5)T and higher is recommended.
  3. Currently, supported probes are IP/ICMP Echo, SNA Echo, TCP Connection, UDP Echo, Jitter/UDP Plus. VoIP UDP Jitter (MOS / ICPIF) also supported (last operation table polling only), HTTP, FTP, DHCP, and DNS.

    Probe support also depends upon the Cisco IOS version installed on the polled devices.

    Note: Certain metrics, such as MOS and ICPIF, may be obtained only from devices which support them (IOS 12.3(14)T or later provides these metrics).

    IP-SLA was introduced on IOS 12.3(14)T. It supercedes SAA (Service assurance agent). This SolutionPack is compatible with both IPSLA and SAA, since both technologies are similar and use the same basic MIB.

    SAA operation types were introduced gradually, starting from IOS 11.2:

    • dhcp: 12.0(5)T
    • dlsw: 12.0(5)T
    • dns: 12.0(5)T
    • echo (ipIcmpEcho, snaRUEcho, snaLUEchoAppl, snaLU2EchoAppl): 11.2
    • ftp: 12.1(1)T
    • http: 12.0(5)T
    • jitter: 12.0(5)T
    • tcpConnect: 12.0(3)T
    • udpEcho: 12.0(3)T
  4. Supported probes must be configured for the CISCO devices. As a general guideline, leave the buckets-of-history-kept, distributions-of-statistics-kept, filter-forhistory, hops-of-statistics-kept, hours-of-statistics-kept, lives-of-history-kept, paths-of-statistics-kept, samples-of-history-kept, statistics-distribution-interval and other parameters related to probe history/statistics to their DEFAULT VALUE when creating the probe on the Cisco device.
    Note: The Cisco IP-SLA SolutionPack does not focus on configuring the probes currently, as user interface to configure IP-SLA probes is not part of the M&R Platform .