Use the Configuration Manager to apply a centralized copy of configuration settings to all IP Managers in your deployment.

  1. Log in to the M&R platform with your administrator username and password.
  2. Select Administration > Modules > Smarts.
  3. Select the Configuration Manager (Default: INCHARGE-CM).
  4. Click one of the following: Polling, Thresholds, Device Access, Tagging, or an IP Manager for discovery configuration and make your configurations accordingly:
  5. Start the services for one or more IP Managers.

    Linux: Issue the command:

    /opt/InCharge/IP/smarts/bin/sm_service start <service_name>

    Before you start the service, if you have not already done so, you need to issue the sm_service install command to register the product: sm_service install commands for Linux.

  6. Click Push Settings:
    • If you changed configuration settings for one of the target IP Managers.
    • After you enabled the Config Enabled attribute for a target IP Manager.

    The Configuration Manager transfers the settings whenever the IP Managers connect or are reconnected, or when you click Push Settings.