After you install the , you must perform certain tasks.


  1. Copy the samOss.jar file from your Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM installation to your M&R Stream collector lib folder.
    For example, copy /opt/5620sam/client/nms/lib/SAM_11_0_R1/samOss.jar to /opt/APG/Collecting/Stream-Collector/alcatel-sam5620/lib/samOss.jar
  2. Change the ownership on the jar file in the Stream collector path.
    For example, chown apg:apg /opt/APG/Collecting/Stream-Collector/alcatel-sam5620/lib/samOss.jar
  3. Start the collector by going to Centralized Management > Collecting > Collector-Manager::alcatel-sam5620 > Start.
  4. Check the logs at /opt/APG/Collecting/Collector-Manager/alcatel-sam5620/logs