When using the Configuration Manager in the UI to control your configuration settings, ensure that you have the following components set up in your deployment:

  • A valid Smarts license, that includes the Configuration Manager, is installed.
  • The Configuration Manager is installed and is started with the EMC Data Access API service option (--edaa=ip/2.0).
  • The SolutionPack for Smarts is installed and configured with the Configuration Manager instance name. In the Report block, under Presentation SAM Configuration Section, select the Use Smarts Configuration Manager checkbox and specify the name of the Configuration Manager in the Configuration Manager field if it does not use the default name.
  • You planned your configuration carefully:
    • Identified the IP Managers to assign to the Configuration Manager. IP Managers 10.1.X and higher are supported.
    • Modified the sm_service install command for the identified 10.x IP Managers to include the --edaa=ip/2.0 option.
    • Be aware that when the Configuration Manager is connected to running IP Managers, it by default transfers the settings and may overwrite unique settings in the IP Managers.

      If you do not want Configuration Manager to transfer the settings to the IP Managers on the initial connection, uncheck the Config Enabled checkbox when you add the IP Manager as a target as described in Adding an IP Manager to Configuration Manager.

    • Once you use the Configuration Manager to control configuration settings in the IP Managers, you are no longer able to modify polling and thresholds group settings locally in the IP Managers.
      • The Configuration Manager overwrites all configuration settings in the IP Managers.
      • You can only view the polling and thresholds settings and not modify them in the Domain Manager Administration Console.

      The Topology and Discovery Filters settings remain locally defined for each IP Manager. You can continue to modify the Topology and Discovery Filters settings from the Domain Manager Administration Console and the M&R UI.

  • M&R is installed and you have valid administrator credentials.