1. On the Combination Server m/c or Application Server m/c, create the ekey file by executing the following command:

    NCMBase/bin/cstdriver -lockbox ../data/lockb.clb -passphrase <Passphrase> -createKeyFile
  2. Copy the lockb.ekey file from the NCMBase/bin directory to the NCMBase/data directory.

  3. Change permissions to root:cst:

    chown ncm:voyence lockb.ekey

  4. Restart vcmaster services.

    Linux : systemctl restart vcmaster

  5. If the Device server or RA is deployed on different machines, then copy the lockb.ekey file to the respective machines under the NCM Base\data directory.

  6. Change permissions to root:cst (chown root:cst lockb.ekey)

  7. Restart vcmaster services on Device Server m/c and tomcat service on RA machine.

    On the Device Server:

    Linux: systemctl restart vcmaster

    On the RA Server:

    Linux: systemctl restart tomcat