You can upgrade from the following versions to Network Configuration Manager 10.1.13:

  • Network Configuration Manager 10.1.4
  • Network Configuration Manager 10.1.6
  • Network Configuration Manager 10.1.8
  • Network Configuration Manager 10.1.11

This guide contains separate procedures for upgrades and for new installations. Make sure to use the correct procedures for your upgrade scenario, as follows:

  • To use Network Configuration Manager 10.1.13 on the host where you had previously installed Network Configuration Manager, you must use the upgrade procedure to upgrade to Network Configuration Manager.
  • To use Network Configuration Manager 10.1.13 on a new host, use the new installation procedure to install NCM 10.1.13 on the new host.

    Then, perform an in-place upgrade from previously installed NCM to 10.1.13 on the old host and take the backup (using [Product Directory]/tools/ of your data on the old host where Network Configuration Manager lower version was installed, and restore (using [Product Directory]/tools/ the data on the new host where 10.1.13 is installed. “Backup utilities” provides more information about these utilities.

OS version support updates

The RHEL 6.x support is not supported.

For the users who are using the older NCM release on RHEL 6.x version, and want to upgrade to 10.1.13, take the backup (using [Product Directory]/tools/ from the older NCM version, and restore (using [Product Directory]/tools/ the same on newly installed NCM 10.1.13 server.
Note: The NCM database backup/restore has been validated with minimum data for the following path:
  • NCM 9.6 combination server on RHEL 6.x to NCM 10.1.13 Combination server on RHEL 7.x.