To search the Network Configuration Manager database for tables to cleanup, follow these steps:


Action (Linux)


Log into the Database server as a user with administrator privileges.


Log into the database as the pgdba user using the su – pgdba command.


Navigate to the psql prompt.

Type psql voyencedb voyence to navigate to the psql prompt, and press Enter.


Run a database query (Query1).

Type select * from voyence.cm_calculate_table_sizes; to run Query1, and press Enter.


Run a database query (Query2).

Type select * from voyence.cm_total_db_size; to run Query2, and press Enter.


Compare Query1 and Query2.

The first few tables in Query 1 account for most of the size of the database returned by Query 2. If the first few tables in the output of Query1 appear to be very large, these tables must be cleaned using a database vacuum.

While running the database vacuum on the first few tables is the most beneficial, it is advisable to clean the entire database.

“Running a full database vacuum” on page 186 provides information for running a database vacuum.