The following must be installed on the RSA Token Server prior to installing the RSA Token Service.

  • Windows Server 2016

  • RSA SecurID Desktop Token 4.0.0 Build 246 for Windows. This is required only if RSA server is used for authentication.

    • Visit to download a copy of RSA SecurID Desktop Token 4.1 for Windows.

  • Strawberry Perl


    After installing Strawberry Perl for the first time, you must logout, and then re-login so the system PATH variable modification can take effect.

  • Java

  • Visual C++ Runtime Libraries

  • OpenSSL for Windows:

    • It is advisable to accept the default directory (C:\OpenSSL) when installing OpenSSL on Windows. If a directory whose path contains spaces is used, the creation of the certificates will fail.

      Note: Refer the the prerequisite section of RSA Install Guide for the required versions of the softwares.