Entering a pre-defined URL, a user or an external application can launch the Network Configuration Manager application, and then go directly to a specific location within the application to view device details or job status.

The system has the ability to launch the application in context, via a URL. The user is taken directly to information on specific jobs or devices based on the parameters of the URL. This is especially useful in integrations.

One scenario is where an external system receives an event or SNMP trap about a network device. Users in the external system can click a URL that then launches into the Network Configuration Manager system; directly to the device for detailed information.

Another scenario is where job warnings or failures are issued. A URL can launch the user directly to the offending job for a detailed description of the problem. The URL is constructed as follows:




where server-ip is the IP Address of the machine where the server is installed. Refer to the "List of allowed query strings" sections for the allowed param_names.

For example, a URL to launch to job number 10005 would be as follows:


Various parameters are available as query strings. Where multiple entities could be returned from the query, the user can select the entity they are most in interested in.

The URL query can also further restrict the scope of the launch by including a network parameter. This parameter must be used in conjunction with one of the above parameters. For example, to launch to any device that contains an IP address of in a network called MyNetwork, the URL would be as follows:


The contextual launch capability was specifically designed to give the integration developer flexibility. It is intended to allow tighter integrations between disparate systems with less effort.

List of Allowed Query Strings  

Param Name


Search Target



Specific job number



Device with indicated alias


ip address (management)

Management ip


ip address (management/interfaces)

Device with management ip as specific



Host name of device



Any device where the FQDN, alias,